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Welcome to The Swedish Museum

With 52 editable data items – add your metadata and representation to the collection!

This project focuses on gathering metadata and establishing links to these dispersed collections, fostering a global network that connects Swedish artifacts with their cultural roots. By leveraging technology and collaboration, The Swedish Museum aims to create a virtual repository that transcends geographical boundaries, making Sweden's cultural treasures accessible to a global audience.

Through meticulous curation and data integration, this initiative not only safeguards the integrity of these artifacts but also enhances scholarly research and public engagement. The Swedish Heritage Outreach Project symbolizes a harmonious blend of technology, collaboration, and cultural preservation, ensuring that the stories embedded in these objects continue to resonate across borders.

This initiative goes beyond borders, reaching out to museums worldwide to compile a comprehensive dataset of Swedish objects housed outside of Sweden.

Join us in this endeavor to weave a tapestry of Swedish heritage that spans the globe, connecting museums and audiences alike in a shared appreciation for the diversity and richness of Sweden's cultural legacy.

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